Tote Bag Traveling – How to pack for an entire weekend in your purse


I recently went on a ‘girls weekend’ trip to visit a friend in Montreal. I was excited to spend time with my dear friends, but I was also excited about taking on another packing challenge. As I prepared for the weekend I thought to myself ‘If I can pack for two weeks in a carry on bag, I must be able to pack for a weekend in something even smaller’. Part of my excitement was the fun of the challenge, but I was also excited by the idea of jumping on a plane with only a purse.  There is something freeing about traveling light.

I started by making a list of all the things that I would need for our 4 day adventure. We were planning on doing some site-seeing, going out for dinners, and maybe even going dancing.  As usual, I separated out the heaviest and bulkiest items to wear on the plane.


Wear on the plane:
dark jeans
long sleeve shirt

Then I laid out everything else on my list that needed to be packed in my bag.


Packing List:
Tote bag purse
small bag for toiletries (doubles as an evening bag)
canvas tote for packing clothing (doubles as a second carry on when bringing home souvenirs)

two long sleeve shirts
one nice shirt to wear out in the evening
one dress to wear out in the evening
pyjamas (tights and tank top)
undergarments (enough for three days)
three pairs of socks
one pair of tights

dental floss
cell phone charger
cell phone
wallet (used a small card holder)
travel mug
ear buds

I put everything into bundles and small containers.  I used the same clothes wrapping method found here.


The dog helped.


I was all packed and ready to go in no time.


I had a wonderful weekend.  I didn’t even use everything that I had packed.  Packing light was the beginning of my Journey to Simple.  I’m sure this will not be the end of my tote-bag travels.

I’d love to hear your packing tips.  Please leave a comment.


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