Traveling Light #1: Never Check a Piece of Luggage Again

This is the first in a series of three blogs/videos about traveling light. When it comes to my Journey to Simple, travel is a big area for me. My whole interest in simplicity began with a lost piece of luggage. After losing that piece of luggage, I became interested (obsessed?) with coming up with a packing system to ensure that I would never have to check another piece of luggage again. The first decision I needed to make was what bag/suitcase will I use as my carry-on bag? The second step involved deciding just what to put in that bag. The third and final step in the system involved packing the bag. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

This post will deal specifically with what bag/suitcase to use as your carry-on luggage. Instead of writing out a lengthly description of some of the best options that I have found, I have made a brief video to cover some of the details.

Luggage links:

Mountain Equipment Coop – Shuttle III

Onkka Bags

Don’t forget to leave a comment with your favourite traveling light tips!

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