Traveling Light #3: Never Check a Piece of Luggage Again

This is the third and final instalment of our Traveling Light series, where we have been talking about never checking luggage again. In the first blog/video, I talked about how to pick a carry-on bag. In the second blog/video, I talked about how to decide what to pack in your bag. Today’s video is all about how to pack that bag.

The question I am asked most frequently about never checking luggage is about how I pack my carry-on bag. Through trial and error (and countless google searches), I have come up with a system that works for me. I hope you enjoy this video and find some of the tips helpful when planning your next adventure. Traveling light is just another step on the Journey to Simple.

I would love for you to comment on how you are traveling light!

One comment on “Traveling Light #3: Never Check a Piece of Luggage Again
  1. Beth says:

    Connor, you are my packing hero! This is awesome!

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